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*=Means the comic is has ended.
+=Means the comic is on hiatus

*Taking the oddities of manga (and sex jokes) to a whole new level.

And heres another comic from the henitai minded creator of Wendy.

Home of the sadistic creator of Road Waffles, the short lived Blood Lark, and other comics that seemed alcohol-inspired.

Along with The Infamous, I draw comics called Skid Markz and Head for Trouble (updated every Monday) part time for this group. Check out some of the other talented artists there as well.

Bounty hunting in a fantansy world, where can you go wrong with that.

The other side of pop culture and fast food

*The biggest quest comic located conveintenly in your game system.

Aliens and angst all in one nice little package

You got vampires, we got..uh this guy.

+Yo, city of angels. Prepare to be rocked by aliens! Again!

Proof that intellegent life isn't always in the stars as we think.

You'll never look at Megaman the same way again

A girl's journey into the world of goth and vampires. Bring some sunscreen!

And you thought that harem from Tenchi was nuts

Hot samurai action! Oh, and a little drama here and there.

You think our planet is in the dumps? Get a load of how this terra firma works.

*Its a superhero comic....I think.

+Trust me, if your really into today's cartoons. Your going to get a kick out of this one.

Feeling squirrelly? (you may now lob tomatos for that cilche line.)

This one proves the old saying "the freaks come out at night!"

+Yet another epic quest of adventure? Hey, always room for one more.

Cats and video games, throw em in the blender and this is what results.

The ultimate answer to your pet problems.

Just because we play video games and browse the net 24/7 doesn't mean we don't have a life....oh wait.

Be careful what you wish for...in more ways then one.

+ An old horror tale gets the anthromorphic treatment.

Invading pop culture, one comic strip at a time.

* A fancomic that was spawned from the PPGWorld forums. Remeber that episode "Beat your Greens"? Seems that was just the precursor to something much, MUCH, bigger. (*Features a cameo of an Infamous characters ;D)

+Sequel to the above comic. Out of the fying pan and into the fire.

Comics without Banners:
+Eagle-DNA Funny and confusing, just the way I like em.
Innies and Outties The day latchkey comics go out of style will be the day money falls from the sky..."Sigh"
*Skirting DangerSuperheroing done in a very fashionable style.
The Queen's LandStrangeness from a strange land.
Blue Zombie Living is hard. Living as an Undead is even harder.
PVP: Player vs Player
God ModeOh ho ho ho, Gaming Magazine employees are the craziest peoples.
+Greetings From Wonderland Who say the cartoon industry is all work and no play?

Other Links:
Yep, I have an account there myself. Stop on by and see what results when I have too much free time.

OnlineComics.net - A Directory of Online Comics A place where mine and other comics are showcased.

Every May 7, we celebrate Comic Awareness Day (a.k.a Cartoonist Day). So a bunch of us got together and did some special strips comemberating and/or pimpeing it. Come check out what these crazy folks (and me) came up with in 2003.

Online Comics Day Here we go again. The '04 and '06 version of the popular web event for comics.

Yup am a One Piece fan. Heck the new Infamous comics wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this series.

In 04', a cartoonist created a worldwide challenge to all comic artist to create a 24 page comic within 24 hours. That challenge has become a yearly tradition that many artists worldwide have excepted. Check out the fruits of their labors and how you can be part of the next one.

Click here to join cartoonallstars
Click to join cartoonallstars
An RPG me and some friends do just for the heck of it. If you have a love of toons or just like crazy adventures, come join us.

Blog of a few comic artists from my neck of the woods.

A website of one of my buds from the net. Give him a check out.

A excellent artist whom I felt should get a little exposure. Top-notch stuff.

Can't forget this guy, one of the most impressive artists on the web with a true love for drawing and creativity. Give him his props. ^_^
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